05-2023 Paddling @ Rock Island

We had a fun time at Rock Island, here is everything that happened.

We drove to the campsite (about 1.5-2 hours). It was late when we got there so we had cracker barrel and then set up tents and went to bed. When we woke up we had breakfast and then set off to our first paddle. For the first paddle we paddled around a lake for a while. Then we went over to a river which had a pavilion. There we ate lunch and then paddled up a river until we hit rapids. The rapids were not safe to paddle over so we went on the shore and walked around. Then we swam over to a rock that was near the end of the rapids. We had a ton of fun jumping of doing cool moves off the rocks. After that we headed back to camp to play some board games and eat dinner. On the last day we got packed up and headed to our last spot. There we finished the kayaking merit badge. After that we paddled farther up stream to a little round part of the river. We stayed there for a while before heading back to the cars. Last we packed the gear pack up and headed home.

That is all,

Troop 3

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