2014 Troop 3 Turkey Fry

     On The evening of Tuesday the 25th of November troop 3 began the first stages of its 2014 Turkey Annual Turkey Fry Classic. Over 100 birds were waiting, ready to be rubbed, spiced, and injected that night and within two hours, the deed was done. Juices flew, spices burned in the eyes and noses of pre-adolescents, and tears were shed. But overall, the production ran rather smoothly.
2014-11-26 08.10.28   2014-11-26 08.23.04
The next day, multiple brave souls faced the cool autumn air of 6:00 AM.  They arrived, set up, and got the operation moving. Bird were soaring in and out of vats of boiling oil, coming out piping hot and ready to be swept up by hungry, vicious customers. Around noon, my colleagues and I arrived and quickly devoured our magnificent lunch of fresh turkey sandwiches and bagged fruit juice. After lunch we began our shifts. A third of us went to bag the birds, the others went to prep the raw birds for the fryers and to retrieve them from the vats, quick to wrap them in aluminum foil to preserve
2014-11-26 08.22.35   2014-11-26 08.23.22
Next we had a shift rotation and continued on our day. Everything ran relatively smoothly for the rest of the day, but it was a human operation, so of course we had some obstacles to face. Nearing the end of our workday, right as the clean up was occurring, it began. The rain came and complicated our whole clean up. But there were a few man-scouts who braved the sleet and freezing rain to get everything done. I was not one of these man-scouts, because I got water down my sweatshirt sleeve, compromising my outer layer of defense and sending me home prematurely.
Overall the production was great, many turkeys were fried, and many people had happy thanksgivings.
2014-11-26 08.55.16   2014-11-26 08.09.59
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