2018-01 Backpacking @ Frozen Head

We began by leaving the church at around 6 at night. As usual we set up camp and had Cracker Barrel when we arrived, then went to sleep.

Saturday, is when it got interesting. The hike began with the two patrols doing different routes at around 9 in the morning. The patrol I was in took the South Old Mac trail. This wasn’t the longest trail ever, coming in at about 3 miles, but it did give us a nice uphill challenge.

When we arrived at our camp, we sat down our bags and went up the mountain to a cell tower with an observation tower next door. Some of us climbed up and saw amazing views all around East Tennessee. When we returned, the other patrol was already there and set up, and right then we saw an opossum curled up on a bench, whom we properly named Jordan Mark Kramer. Nice opossum!

Later, we had free time, dinner and fire ceremony, which was all fun. Those of us who wanted to go back to the observation tower did at night, and we saw an amazing star-scape before going to bed.

The next morning, we woke up, packed, ate and left. Our patrol went down the North Old Mac Trail, while the other went to the observation tower. North Old Mac went downhill most of the way. Along with this and the pure thrill of getting done with the trek encouraged us to go as fast as we could. After this, we had lunch in the parking lot, then headed back home.

This trip went well, we were in awe of beautiful landscapes, we laughed because of a lot of funny things, and we were all happy.


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