2018-2 Skiing @ Paoli Peaks

This was a really good trip. We got to the cabin at around 8pm Friday night. This was enough time to get situated, hang out a little bit, then get to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up to a great breakfast of waffles & sausage, right before we hit the slopes.

When we got to Paoli, we had some group instruction, got our gear, and some of us hit the easier courses to warm up before hitting the harder courses. Some of the newer scouts were quick experts and were on the more advanced trails really soon. It was great to see everyone happy and having fun. When we were done, we went back to the cabin to play games, eat spaghetti, hang out and then hit the hay to be ready for another day of skiing.

Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast before going back to Paoli for our second day of skiing. Some of us had to go to the merit badge class to work on our snow sports requirements. By 10am we were all back on the slopes, pretty soon after that, we broke for lunch and then went back out. We got a few hours of skiing in before time to get on the road.

We got to Culver’s for dinner and talked about how the trip went. We agreed that this was a fun trip and a highlight of the year.

Today (Monday) some of us are sore, but we’re happy we had this experience.

Thanks to Mr Irwin for the pics.

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