2019 MBU @ TTU

Last weekend, we started off our 2019 MBU season at Tennessee Tech!

In my opinion, it was a really well organized MBU. I’ve never had a TTU MBU class with more than 15 people! The instructors always seem on top of game and are defiantly passionate of what they teach!

This year I did photography and learned many new things during the 1st half of class , such as how a SLR camera works, what aperture is, and what an ISO number is. We took a lot of boring notes, but I kept in mind it’s all for the better.

After the 1st half of class, lunchtime came around, everyone’s favorite time of the day! our troop sat together and the lunch, in my opinion, was mediocre, however, I was starving and needed something to eat so I got a bunch of pizza (it was all you could eat.) than some soft serve after.

In the back half of photography, we mainly took photos, than showcased them. There was a guy in my class who brought his whole camera with him took some pretty great pictures! I think I did pretty well.

After class was over, we all met up for the closing ceremony. During this ceremony, they put all the scouts attending the MBU names in a bucket, they draw a few out, and you can win different handouts. I was one of the few lucky winners, and I got a bag full of TTU gear such as a cup, some stickers, a lanyard, and more!

We were done with the MBU after that, and we came home tired, but glad we all knocked out a whole merit badge in a day!

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