2022-04 Backpacking @ Frozen Head

Hey All!

We chose to go to Frozen Head State Park for our April trip. It’s also our last backpacking trip before HAT.

We first set up our tents when we arrived, then had a cracker barrel. On the drive there we passed a prison, which was interesting to see. At the camp, there were a lot of spiders, but they didn’t get into my tent, not sure about the others.

In the morning, we had ramen for breakfast and some dried mangoes. After cleaning up, we set out to the trailhead. This early part of the trail was definitely the most strenuous, as we were going uphill nearly non-stop. When we reached the flat part of the mountain, it was almost lunchtime, but we had to keep moving to our site, which was an old fire tower that goes pretty high up. After a lunch of summer sausage on a bagel, we continued on relatively flat ground, with some hills here and there. After one last big hill, we finally made it to our campsite. The problem was, that there was no water nearby. Thankfully Owen was able to find a spring coming from underground, which we used to fill up. Dinner was Mountain House, which is always good. After a campfire led by Russell, it was time for sleep.

When I came to, it was raining. Thankfully we had put our rain fly up, so we were relatively dry. However when I came out of the tent, not only were we in a cloud, but our tent was in the middle of a puddle. After packing up, we had a quick breakfast of oatmeal before setting off once again. The going was tough, with many hills and switchbacks, but I’d say the beginning was still more strenous. After that we made it to the road and the gift shop. After hours of waiting for someone, we ate lunch, quicky packed up the cars, and got out of there.

All in all, this was a really fun trip, and I’d definitely want to go again sometime.

That’s all for now, see you soon.

-Nashville Troop 3

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