2023-11 Hiking @ Mount LeConte


Novembers trip was MOUNT LECONTE. This was a amazing trip even though we had to make some last minute changes. The first day we got there late at night, ate cracker barrel, and then went to bed. The next day we started hiking up to the Appalachian Trail to the shelter where would sleep. Once we got there we dropped our packs and then hiked to Charlie’s Bunion. There was 2 amazing over looks, but we didn’t know which one was Charlies Bunion. They were both beautiful though. Next we hiked back and made dinner and we were so exhausted we went to bed. The next day we took day packs (some people brought all off their packs) and hiked up Mount LeConte. There we got to see llamas! After eating lunch we hiked down, out, and back to the cars. We drove to our last campsite. We ate dinner and then fell asleep. The next day we took showers, went to Culver’s to fill are hungry bellys, and then went home.

Overall this was an amazing trip that pushed us further and helped us bond!

Thats all,

Troop 3

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