Emily’s trip report

This high adventure trip was better than going to Disney. The Palmetto bugs at Cloudland  Canyon were scarier than the haunted house, the line for climbing and rappelling was way shorter than the line for Space Mountain, and we had thunder and mist on the white water rafting trip just like the Pirates of the […]

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Backpacking at Fall Creek Falls

  Our troop left for Fall Creek Falls on Friday at five o’clock. Our patrols were smaller than usual. The Bucks had seven people including adults, and the otters had five people including adults. We also had two dogs with us. We arrived at our campsite in the dark, set up camp, and went to sleep. The next […]

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Florida, here we come!

Great picture,hope nobody blinked! Can you guess what we’re  doing when we get there? Are we there yet?!. Can’t wait to fish off of this baby! Hope Florida is as good as I hope its going to be. I’m exited about deep sea fishing because it got bumped up to the whole day. That’s nice. […]

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