A quick note on finding polyester clothing & underlayers for the ski trip.

Target has inexpensive polyester long underwear for kids along with kids’ long-sleeve polyester athletic shirts (both Champion brand).  And as of today, they also had Champion polyester athletic tops & bottoms in Men’s sizes on sale for $ 5-7 a piece.

Academy has BCG brand polyester leggings & shirts for about $10-15.  (Think:  Under Armour, only not nearly as expensive!)  I’ve also heard another place to find reasonably-priced polyester underlayers & wool socks is in the hunting section at Walmart.

In cold weather, layers of synthetic fabric (polyester, nylon, fleece, etc.) with a wind-proof outer layer & wool socks is the way to go, especially if you will be working up a sweat doing things like skiing or backpacking.  As the saying goes, “Cotton kills” – it absorbs moisture, is slow to dry, and chafes when wet.  In short, it increases your chances of hypothermia and general discomfort.

Click here to find out more about the First Aid MB.

So, it pays to buy polyester/nylon & fleece for outdoor activities.  And the kids will use them again and again on all sorts of trips!

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