Antonin’s Eagle Project at Lockeland Springs

Over the past month and a half I have had a very successful eagle project at Lockeland Springs Park. The task consisted of constructing a bridge that was about 15 feet long and 4 feet wide. I had arranged four work-weekends to complete the project.

Workday #1:

This first day we set to digging four holes that would be the foundation pylons for the bridge. Had great weather, too many shovels, an excellent work crew, and not enough rock-smashing devices; but we made it work.

IMG_1361    IMG_1382

Workday #2 & 3

On the next two workdays we completed the two stages required to place the concrete foundation for the bridge. Now at this point I have to greatly thank Collin and Frederick for volunteering their time for both workdays to help me out. The three of us +Libor did a lot of tedious measuring and made a lot of wet concrete.

IMG_1433    IMG_1437

20140701_113606    20140701_113543

Workday 4 & 5

On our last two workdays we completed our most visually rewarding work. On day 4 we went from some concrete cylinders in the ground to a bridge one can walk on. On the last workday we finished the final touches on the bridge’s nearby landscaping.

IMG_1578    IMG_1597


Thanks again for everyone who assisted me in the completion of my project and to the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association for their grant to help fund the project.  It is much appreciated!

Thank you,

Antonin Koudelka


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