Army MBU 2024


This weekend we had an MBU. For those wondering an MBU is a merit badge university. You go to pick 1 or 2 merit badges. This MBU is located at the military department. It is their 3rd year running, and it is always a blast. Troop 3 meets at the church then we drive to the military base, where they provide Crispy Cream donuts for us. After that the National Guard has a opening ceremony and sends us to our merit badge groups. Some merit badges get to go on field trip. For example the Citationship in the Nation merit badge got the go to Nashville’s capital. This MBU brings a little different perspective on the badges, because the we get to hear from people in the military who have experience with most of this material. At lunch time everyone goes to the main area were they provide either Chick-fil-a or Firehouse Subs. After lunch we continue work on our merit badges. At around 3:30 we head back to the main area to do the closing ceremony. This MBU is great to learn about being in the military, while getting a merit badge.

Thats All,

Troop 3

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