October 25, 2019

Backpacking at Sipsey Wilderness

For our September backpacking trip, we went to Sipsey Wilderness, Alabama. It was a huge step up from the February Sipsey trips, as it didn’t rain all the time. I was in only one patrol, so we might want to ask on their report. On Friday, we arrived, had cracker barrel, split up gear, and hiked the half mile down to our campsite. Next day, we ate breakfast, then were on the road. We hiked for 3 miles, then had lunch in a large cave.

 Then, we hiked for another 3 miles, and caught sight of Russell and Elliot and followed them, leading us to the camp.The cooking competition was that night. Nazz’s patrol made chicken alfredo, while Izzy’s made angel hair pasta with pesto, and both were DELICIOUS!The last day, we hiked about 3 miles before making it to the cars.