Big South Fork Backpacking 5/3

IMG_0718We first arrived at the church at 5 and left to go on the 4 hour car ride. Near the end of the drive the two patrols (mountain lions and the bears) cars split up to start at different spots. The bears patrol just camped in the parking lot. IMG_20140503_165759_538The mountain lions (my patrol) hiked to a campsite called the great meadows campsite. We got up, ate breakfast, and got hiking. About mid day we came to a problem. We realized that we went the wrong way when we were hiking the night before.IMG_20140503_105025_381 We had to hike the whole rock creek loop trail to get us back to the parking lot. The original plan was to meet the other patrol to exchange keys and keep going, but when we met up with the bears it was later than expected. So, we decided to camp together and go back the way that the mountain lions came.     IMG_0731  IMG_20140503_103611_315  On the way to the campsite, the bears had to go down something called mods crack. It was(what i hear) a long, skinny, muddy valley between rocks.IMG_0758 The way back was very beautiful and fun.IMG_0727 There was this very colorful moss that was awesome. Then, we got to our parking lot and we ate lunch. After lunch, we got on the road. In all, the trip was pretty fun.IMG_20140503_104954_883IMG_20140503_104727_376

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