Camp Boxwell

Boxwell was amazing this year. One of the things that happened was  during one of our breaks, David, Mr. Horace and I were playing soccer with Leo’s ball. That’s when I asked how high Mr. Horace could kick it. The first time he kicked it it got so high when it hit the ground and bounced back up, it went higher than the trees. David and I got all inspired and tried to do it but we couldn’t. It turned out Mr. Horace was a kicker for a football team in high school. He came back out to show us how to do it, he kicked it, and it went soaring. It came back down and got stuck in a tree. When Leo came back to camp Mr. Horace tried to blame it on me going ” Hey Leo, see that ball Noah got stuck in the tree?” for the next hour we all threw sticks at it and finally got it down.

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