Camping @ Boxwell Summer Camp 2024


Summer Camp 2024 was very relaxed and full of games. During Summer Camp, scouts have time to earn merit badges and have fun. Normally you earn 3 merit badges during the week, which is a lot for 1 week. You also get to do these merit badge classes with other scouts and fun instructors. You may not get a merit badge done, but you will at least get a huge chunk of it done. All troops go to different BSA camps, but Troop 3 goes to Boxwell. Boxwell also host the yearly winter camp, in which we also attend. The scouts can pick their schedules for merit badges. This gives scouts freedom and a sense of ownership. When you don’t have a class you can play at the gaga ball pit, play at the volleyball court, or hang at camp. This year Troop 3 played one of their favorite games; Boom Goes the Dynamite (BGTD). BGTD is played on a volleyball court and is a easier version of the game it is play on. One of the best parts of camp for many is the Boxwell Trading Post. Here you can buy snacks, slushies, and Boxwell merch. Overall Summer Camp is a great way to earn merit badges while having a blast with the other scouts.

That’s All,

Troop 3

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