Climbing, Rappelling, and Hiking at Stone Door

We set off Friday, exited to go to stone door. When we got there we walked a 1/4 mile to the 3 campsites.(Otters, Bucks, and new patrol) Then we set up and went to sleep. The next day we were looking forward to climbing and rappelling. We got to the area where we were climbing and David explained how to put the harnesses on correctly. Half the group went rappelling while the other group climbed. We rappelled off of a 175 ft wall. It took a lot of guts to rappel off of it. Once every one was finished we switched. Climbing was very difficult. Only a few made it to the top. I think everyone had a great time climbing and rappelling.

We headed back to camp for dinner. The bucks had no propane in their propane tank, so we had a combined meal. I felt sick before the fire ceremony, so you have to ask someone else how that went. The next day we set out on a 10 mile hike. We saw some really cool waterfalls and rock formations. By the end we were out of water and ready to get back home.

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