frozen head hike

When we got to the site we set up a canopy, then we hit the trail! When we first started we stopped at some water falls, saw some salamanders, and interesting plants.



Then the hike started getting a little harder. we had to climb up some pretty hard slopes. We also had to cross some slick rock difficulty. There was some water running down rocks that we had to cross to get back on the trail.

A few miles went by and we stopped in a large cave to eat lunch and use steri pens to sterilize our water.


The food was great and filled me up. We started on our way again and it got really foggy. We knew we were nearing the top, then we saw it, the fire watch tower. it was huge!


we all climbed up to the top. the dog had some trouble with the metal floor. We found a chestnut tree and took some of the good nuts.


Then we headed back down. on the way back we had another problem, a big tree had fallen on the path, the boys climbed over it but the grown ones just went around it. Once we figured that out we went on our way again. It wasn’t long until we got back to camp. I think that the hike was a great experience.

IMG_8726 IMG_8736 IMG_8742

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