Hiking On Patrol Trip 2024

This or these trips were existing and refreshing. This is because we did patrol trips. This means that you could pick which trip you wanted to attend. The two trips that were chosen were biking and hiking. In this post I will cover the hiking one.

The hiking trip took place at Fiery Gizzard trail. This trail is know to be one of if not the most beautiful trail in all of Tennessee and it did not disappoint. We started the trip by hiking a half a mile in the rain to put of our tents. Because we got in late and it took us a while to find a spot we immediately went to sleep. Once we woke up we hiked back to the cars to eat breakfast and then started the adventure. Almost instantly we found a stunning cave and a gorgeous stream. As we hiked we faced a lot of elevation and rocky terrain. However there was some flowers that were in huge patches. We then came to Ravens Point which was a massive over look on the rolling mountains. We ate lunch there and took a couple minutes to take in the beauty. Next we hiked the rest of the way to the campsite. We ate dinner there and then had a good nights sleep. In the morning we hiked the rest of the way out to the cars. There we dropped of our things and made small day packs. We used these day packs to hike to Foster Fall. These falls were amazing and we even had a scout who jumped in the water even though it was pretty cold. After the falls we headed home and ended our amazing adventure.

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Troop 3

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