January 2022 Newsletter

Hello All!

I know it’s been almost a year-and-a-half since we’ve last released a news update, but I’m glad to announce that Troop 3 is still very much alive and well!

The tornado of March 3, 2020 and the Covid-19 Pandemic that immediately followed has been tough for all of us, but Troop 3 has survived a lot of things in it’s almost 112 years of history, and we keep on moving forward. Losing our meeting place, East End United Methodist Church, to the tornado was a big loss, and we’re thankful for the hospitality shown to us at Woodland Presbyterian Church!

Woodland Pres.

When the pandemic was at its 2020 worst, we switched to meeting virtually every week, and throttling down on monthly trips. During this time we were able to switch our monthly goals to a more merit badge and advancement focus, as opposed to focusing on the badges related to trips and trip-planning. Just a few of these concentrated goals include First Aid, Mentoring, and Rifle Shooting. On a monthly basis, we also started having “Eagle Talks,” where a local Eagle Scout was brought in, and they talked about their career, and their individual journey to earn the rank of Eagle.

To get out-and-about as a troop, we started participating in Service Projects for Shelby Park whenever they were available. During this time we were able to plant flowers, do maintenance work on our very own Gabe Rice’s Eagle Project, and more! Special thanks to Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Isaac from the Friends of Shelby Park for giving us these opportunities to help in a safe outdoor environment.

Around early summer of this last year, we transitioned back to meeting in-person, and getting in the hang of conducting monthly trips. We had a busy time ahead, with Boxwell Summer Camp, The Seabase High Adventure Trip, and the Whitewater School at the Hiwassee River Trip.

This last summer we finally returned to Boxwell Summer Camp for the first time in almost two years! Another special thanks to an adult, Ms. Jen Cook, for providing leadership! Summer camp is a fun way to knock out some badges needed for rank and to find new and exciting ways to stay motivated and cool in the hottest part of summer.

For our week-long High Adventure Trip this year, we went to Sea Base, FL and sailed around the beautiful Florida Keys! Our journey took us from Islamorada, where Sea Base is located, to Bahia Honda Key, then back to Sea Base via the bayside route. Along our journey, we snorkeled, cooked great meals, and bonded with our fellow scouts! Let’s give a special thanks to yet another adult, Captain Feather Lee, for leading our journey on her humble boat, the Bahama Rouge!

Between this last year’s busy summer and now, we’ve gone on a handful of wonderful monthly trips! 

In late July, we returned to the Whitewater School at the Hiwassee River, also for the first time in almost two years! Some guys hiked to a popular water hole, while others learned to navigate the rolling waters of the Hiwassee in their choice of a canoe or a kayak.

For August, we did our annual Cycling to Wave Country Trip. Some guys went on a 10-mile route from Woodland Pres., to Wave Country, then back to Woodland Pres. Other guys went on a 25-mile route, this one took us from Woodland Pres., to Percy Priest Dam, to Wave Country, then back to Woodland Pres. (Whew!)

In September, We backpacked in-and-out of Virgin Falls. It was a wet, approximately 10-mile round-trip hike. 5-miles into Virgin Falls, then the same 5-miles back out.

In October, we went to Grimes Canoe Base to do a 25-mile canoe trek down the Buffalo River. We also did our annual Patrol Cook-Off. The winning patrol will be announced at our upcoming Court of Honor!

This November, we backpacked at the beautiful Big South Fork National Recreation Area. This too was a hike-in-and-hike-out backpacking trip. We did approximately 6-7-miles both in and out of our campsite.

To end off our 2021 trips, we went to Boxwell’s Winter Camp. Similar to summer camp, winter camp is a great opportunity to knock out rank requirements, merit badges, and participate in troop-wide fun! We also can’t forget to mention the delicious Boxwell food!

Since we’ve last spoken, we’ve also welcomed a couple new eagles into Troop 3’s nest! Nazareth Wilson and Aidan Gillam have both made this accomplishment!

Nazareth Wilson
Aidan Gillam

That’s all for now, we will talk to you soon!

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