Maintaining Paths @ Shelby Park

Hello All!

This last Saturday, the Friends of Shelby Park gave us the opportunity to help maintain a pathway. Big thanks to Isaac from the FoS for leading us!

We spent the early afternoon shoveling, hauling, raking, and stamping gravel for the path running on the north side of Lake Sevier. This project was important to complete, because the rain washes away patches of the gravel trail, leaving a muddy, dirty mess.

Shoveling the gravel

The gravel was already there for us on either end of the path in large, frozen piles. We had to knock it loose, then shovel it into the wheelbarrow to haul it where it’s needed. Oh man, it was a workout!

Stamping the gravel

After we hauled the gravel, we had to stamp it flat. This was important, so that the loose, freshly poured, gravel can be packed-down, and make a smoother pathway that’s harder to wash away. I think we can all say that we left tired and satisfied!

The more I’ve done them, the more I’ve enjoyed doing these service projects. I can’t say how much about how beneficial these projects are to not only the community, but ourselves also!

That’s all for now, we will talk to you soon!

  • Nashville Troop 3
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