Sea Kayaking HAT in Apostle Islands, WI (Mishipeshu Patrol)

This was a fantastic trip for all of the scouts. It was a challenging trip but yet not too challenging to prevent less experienced scouts from having fun.



We met up at the church around six in the morning and hit the road around at seven. However much we all wanted to kayak, we would have to spend two full days driving there. We stayed at a lodge that night and got to enjoy not having to set up tents.

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Day 2

IMG_7616JPG  IMG_7632JPG

We headed out from our cabin for another day of driving. But when we stopped for lunch, we all got to stretch our legs and played some hacky sack. When we got to our campsite, some of the kids went on a hike to see some cool waterfalls that were close by.

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Day 3


After we left camp, we arrived at our outfitter out in Bayfield. They assigned us guides for our trip, who then took us through a safety course. After the course we were out on for our first day on the water, which was a nice ten mile paddle. The weather wasn’t great, it was raining but luckily no thunder. The real challenge was when we had to do a channel crossing that took about an hour of non-stop paddling to complete. Despite this challenge, we reached our campsite and were given a lovely sunset to reward our efforts.

IMG_2729  IMG_2727

Day 4

IMG_2730   IMG_7674JPG

Our officially second day of paddling, had very little of it. We decided to take the day off from paddling and go for a hike to explore the Island we were staying on. Then we paddled to the other patrol’s campsite.

IMG_7697JPG  IMG_7707JPG

We spent about an hour and a half on their beach socializing with them, skipping rocks, collecting rocks, and just having a good time.

IMG_7716JPG   IMG_7767JPG

IMG_7735JPG   IMG_7743JPG

IMG_7774JPG   IMG_7773JPG

Day 5

IMG_7787JPG  IMG_7811JPG

On our third day of paddling we, headed out to our next island and along the way stopped at a lighthouse for a little while before continuing our journey.

IMG_7810JPG  IMG_7794JPG

Right before we got to our campsite however, we went to see the sea caves. They were really quite fantastic, they had many tunnels you could explore and check out while in your kayak. Another cool thing, was that the water was completely red next to our campsite due to tannin in the water.

IMG_7928JPG  IMG_7940JPGIMG_2759  IMG_2762IMG_7896JPG   IMG_7998JPG

Day 6

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On our forth day on the water, we were forced to skip breakfast and leave camp early to head for the mainland due to a storm that was approaching. Thankfully we were able to miss the storm and arrived ashore before any bad weather came through. Once ashore we cleaned and loaded the boats, ate breakfast, and departed for our campsite.


200 meters away from shore however, my boat, named the Sweet Sixteen, with a crew of myself and Reaf, had an epic race against Mike’s boat, which had no name, with a crew of Mike and Raphael. And as expected, the Sweet Sixteen came out on top, though Mike had a never ending stream of excuses as to why they lost. However, to be fair, we did lose a race to them once before where they, um….., totally cheated, we had bad paddles, and didn’t stretch properly before it. But the Sweet Sixteen won the race to the end, so therefor we won the whole thing. Debate settled Mike.

IMG_8065JPG  IMG_8064JPG

And I must give a special thanks to our guides, Ally and Ian, who helped us with, gear management, kayak maintenance, scaring away bears, and much more.

IMG_8063JPG   IMG_8077JPG

Day 7

IMG_8096JPG   IMG_8085JPG

On our way back to Nashville we stopped at a place called Heightened Adventures where we did high ropes courses and zip-lines.

IMG_8108JPG  IMG_8111JPG

It was loads of fun, but unfortunately couldn’t stay more than a few hours due to our schedule.

IMG_8099JPG  IMG_8125JPG

We then after, stopped at the world’s largest Culvers, oh yeah. We then arrived to our cabin during a storm. We were thankful for having a cabin that night because setting up in the rain would have been a nightmare.

Day 8


It being our last day, everyone was tired, and most everyone slept in the car the whole day. But when we got back we had to actually do work and unload. Trust me, it was a dramatic change in physical excursion compared to sleep. But all jokes aside, this trip lived up to being a true High Adventure Trip. To me a High Adventure Trip is one where the boys are challenged, some even pushed to their limits, but in the it is a trip that no one will forget. And everyone can go home with stories to tell and plenty memories that they’ll always have.

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