Summer Bowell 2015

This year Boxwell was a blast ! I really enjoyed hanging out with the new guys.

On Sunday we met up at church after lunch and rode out together to camp.This year was our second time to have the foosball table, thanks to the ladies of the church who let us keep it after their yard sale last year. The foosball table was basically the center of our campsite, especially for the Whistlepigsz clan.


On Wednesday we had our Boxwell Triathalon and our representative Rowan came in 3rd. He was beaten by a Troop 217 scout several years older!. Also Noah got the gizmo.

On Thursday we had a water war with Troop 137. They took it way too far by trying to dump toilet water on us. We also had pool night, which was loads of fun. There was also a dodgeball tournament. We won the semi-finals, thanks to James who took the ball to the face for the win. Unfortunately, in the finals we lost to our rival Troop 217. Another thing great about Thursday was our lunch ( the best meal at camp) which was beef burritos.
on Friday, we took David ( our site guide) out to a Mexican restaurant and then saw the zombie themed campfire ceremony.

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