6-2023 Summer Camp @ Boxwell

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Summer camp is a fun camp we do every year at Boxwell. Each scout picks 2 merit badges they want to work on. The day tends to go something like this, wake up get ready for the day and then head over to the mess hall. Once at the mess hall they do opening flag ceremony. Once that is over you head inside and wait until they serve the food. Then all of the scouts eat and talk. After that everyone goes to their first merit badge spot. This is 1 of the 2 you picked. The merit badges are always fun. The Teacher have tons of fun things to do, and you complete a merit badge. After that you have a break were you can play ga-ga-ball or just chill. After that we have lunch. Lunch is the same as breakfast, we eat and talk. Once everyone is done eating everyone heads to their 2nd merit badge. You will get to do more fun actives. Then there is a really long break were you can do anything. After the break everybody will head to the mess hall and they will do closing ceremony with the flag. Next all of the scouts will eat dinner, but dinners are a little different. During dinner they will have a fun activity planned such as a song or bingo. Last you will head to camp and you can do anything until lights out. That is what a day normally looks like at summer camp. They may have a challenge or something extra for your merit badge you need to do.

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