7-2023 Swimming @ Wave Country

A small group of scouts met up for the new tradition of a cycling trip to the Wave Country water park. We left the church on our bikes, and went down to the Shelby Greenway. After a while on the greenway, we stopped at Cornelia Fort Airpark and biked some extra miles around there. We finally got to the park, chained up our bikes, and had a great day. Sadly, the wave pool wasn’t creating waves, and the big water slides were down, but we still had a great time. Since it was a smaller group, all of us hung out together the whole time. We spent a lot of time in the big pools swimming around and racing on the slides, then we had lunch. After that, we played some games of Boom Goes the Dynamite (a volleyball like game) and some other people at the park that day even came over and joined us. Next, at the end of the day, we packed up and biked back to Cornelia Fort to volunteer for the Pickin’ Party. We helped there until it started to get dark, then biked/drove home. Overall it was a really great time, one of our best Wave Country trips.

That’s all,

Troop 3

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