Turkey Fry 2013

Overall, the turkey fry went very well. The 1st shift got there before 6AM and started sitting everything up.  The temperature was well below freezing when we started and pretty much all day long.

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The kids in the troop were responsible for preparing the turkeys to be put in the fryer by getting them from the fridge and weighing them so the adults knew how long they were to be cooked.


After the turkeys were fried, we took the turkeys to the cooked turkey station where they were packaged up for customers to pick up so they could be enjoyed for Thanksgiving dinner the next day. All turkeys were carefully wrapped in aluminum foil and included reheating instructions.


The 1st shift had about 65 or 70 turkeys finished by the time our shift ended.  The best part of the day was getting to eat the turkeys we just fried.  We had purchased 3 extra turkeys so we could eat them for lunch which was very good.

After our shift was over, all the giblets and extra parts were taken to Walden’s Puddle where they will be fed to injured animals who are there to be rehabbed before being returned to the wild.  Waldens Puddle was very thankful to get the turkey parts and was excited our troop thought about them when having our turkey fry.  In addition to the turkey parts all the old oil was given to be recycled so nothing went to waste.


All in all the Turkey Fry was a great success and we hope to build form our success and expand even ore next year.

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