Virgin Falls backpacking trip by Leo

This weekend, we went down to Sparta, TN, to go backpacking at Virgin Falls. The ride down there had no problems.Once we arrived, we got on our packs and set off for our campsite. The weather was perfect that day. After a few water breaks, we arrived at our lunch stop, where an amazing waterfall was located. Not too much longer, we got on our packs again and went the last couple miles to our campsite. It was a spacious campsite with a great river view. Shortly after setting up camp, most everyone hiked up to the main waterfall, the cave above it, and Sheep Cave as well. The next day, however, was not as great. We had to eat breakfast and break camp in the rain. The trail, which just happened to be uphill, was very muddy and wet. Some snow made it even worse.Most of us were miserable, wet, cold, and tired as we hiked along. It felt like forever before we finally reached the parking lot to leave. Over all, it was a great trip with great views, such as Laurel Falls and the Caney Fork River.

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