Virgin Falls backpacking

We left at 8 to go to Bridgestone Firestone wilderness after a Becky biscuit breakfast. Upon arrival, we found that it was closed due to hunting and soon heard gun shots.

So we decided to go to virgin falls.

We hiked 2.5 miles then ate lunch and crawled in a small cave. It took about a hour of downhill hiking to get to the campsite. The bucks had phô and the wolverines had sweet and sour tuna couscous for dinner.  Afterwards we played hide and tag in the reeds. Pocket knives were lost. Then followed the fire ceremony led by Frederick Behaylo and Owen Thompson. After the fire ceremony we went to sleep. The next morning brought a breakfast of oatmeal deluxe.  After packing for about a half mile, we got to virgin falls. We spent about fifteen minutes there, played hacky sack, then headed out. Our motivation was a fast-food stop on the way home. It took us about two and a half hours hike back to the parking lot. We headed out, stopped at hardy’s, then went home.

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