Wave Pool 25 Mile Biking Trip

        We departed on a Beautiful Saturday morning, only five riders willing to go the full twenty-five miles. The first quarter of the trip went smoothly, no bike problems and a fast pace. However, when we hit the wave pool we lost a rider due to an unusual sickness. The trip continued on only with for riders to Kohls but the river had flooded the path.flooded pathAfter a slight detour we were back on path and on our way. We went through the rolling hills and finally made it to the turnaround point, the dam.

damThe way back to the wave pool was buttery and trouble free, except for a broken chain that slowed us down a bit.

too much water

We quickly got back to make up some time and had a great time at the wave pool. Overall this was a great trip and I am already looking forward to next year.

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