White Water Canoeing

Around 10 at night, we arrived at the campground on the Hiawassee River. It was dark, and we still had to set up out tents. Our troop had a small area of land to put all the tents on. We set up our tents, then we went on a journey to find the water and bathrooms. The first person we asked pointed down the road to a bathhouse. He said there was water there too. It was about a quarter mile walk to the bathhouse. We filled up the water bucket, and headed back. When we arrived back at our site, we noticed a few Porta-Jon’s right next to us. We walked over, and there was a water faucet sticking out of the ground. A few minutes later we were in our tent ready to go to sleep.

We awoke the next morning ready to start the trip. The people teaching the school called us over and put us into groups. They went over instructions, and we drove to our destination. We put our canoes in the water and paddled around where the water wasn’t very fast. We learned some maneuvers, and paddled back to shore for lunch. After lunch, we paddled down stream all the way to our campsite. Along the way we went over small rapids, but the next day’s would be even bigger.

When we arrived at our site Mr. Libor, our scout leader, had a variaty of mushrooms for us to eat. My favorite was the chicken mushroom. It tasted exactly like chicken. They called us for dinner, and we were having spaghetti. After dinner we played capture the flag. we rounded up all of the scout troops to play. We divided it up into three teams, and played until dark.

We awoke the next day, and had the same routine until we were on our way up stream. It was a 30 minute drive at the most, and this time we saw what was ahead of us. We put our canoes in the water, and ahead of us were the first big rapids. We handled them pretty smoothly, and were off to a good start. We faced many rapids like it, and I think everyone had fun.


The younger patrol stopping at lunch break.


The end of the rafting trip.


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