winter camp 2015

On Sunday we met up at the church but on our way there we had an accident, Tad’s car broke down. And his car was the one with the trailer full of most of the gear. This year we drove much longer to go to camp because we went to Latimer instead of Boxwell, but it was worth the drive. That night we had our first of latimer’s camp meals, and the food was much better than Boxwell’s.

Over the next 3 days we had merit badge classes before and after lunch, and spent our nights and afternoons having free time. I spent my free time playing cards but I also played some basketball, but hanging out in tents, playing magic, and throwing the football were other popular activities. On the last night we had movie night; which was clone wars ( the first star wars movie). That night we also had a campfire ceremony which was mainly the staff preforming skits but our troop did the JC Penny skit. on Thursday morning we ate a breakfast of omelets, sausage, and bagels, and then packed up and headed home.


The views from  LatimerDSCN1581.

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