Turkey fry

The turkey fry is well under way. We started at about 6 this morning setting up the fryers. We have already delivered our first bird. There are about 20 more that can be picked up anytime. Come and get ’em!

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Order Your Turkey Now!

East Nashville Boy Scout Troop 3 is now taking orders for its ANNUAL TURKEY FRY!!     $45 * Cajun-spiced turkeys (pre-cooked weight 12-14 lbs.) are deep fried to perfection in peanut oil, and the boys clean up the mess! * Pick up on Wednesday Nov. 21 from 1-4 pm at East […]

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Eagle Scout!

Troop 3 is happy to announce our newest Eagle Scout!  Rhys Bowen-Tanton passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review with flying colors last night.  Many congratulations to Rhys & his family who worked hard to support him through this process. For his Eagle Project, Rhys built the lovely prayer garden located […]

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Add weekly plans to website

Here is a video that shows how to add weekly plans to the website. This is the Troop Webmaster‘s responsibility and the Troop Scribe will be responsible for updating the plans after the PLC meeting each month. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

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Boxwell Sailings

Over the weekend, we went to Boxwell for some pre-high adventure sailing preperation. The first night, we didn’t do any sailing but we did learn important sailing knowledge and techniques. The next morning was spoiled by a large rainstorm, but we eventually got out for some sailing. That day, there […]

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